Tips for Taking Photos that Sell Homes

Tips for Taking Photos that Sell Homes

Before a potential buyer ever steps foot in your home to check it out in person, they have most likely looked at the pictures of it online several times. Often, these pictures can be the deciding factor in whether they decide to check it out in person at all or not. Because these photos are so important when selling your home, make sure that you are doing all you can to make your home look it’s best. Here are some tips for taking photos that will sell your home.

Clean Up the Clutter

It should go without saying that you should clean your house before taking your photos. However, a quick search of any realty website will show you that everyone doesn’t take this advice. You want people to know what your home looks like at it’s best so make sure there is no garbage on the floor, no dirty dishes in the sink, and no clothes laying on the bed. In fact, go ahead and make the bed even if you don’t usually.

Besides just cleaning your house, make sure to remove any clutter. If you normally keep a couple of magazines, your cellphone, a water bottle, and your vitamins on your nightstand just move them to another room while you take the picture and then you can put them back. Think simple and elegant. Replace all that clutter with a vase of flowers or a candle and take the photo.

Frame Photos Correctly

One of the most frustrating things for a house hunter is to look at photos of your home online and not be able to tell what they’re looking at. Pictures that are too close up and only show part of a wall and the ceiling don’t really give potential buyers a good idea of your space. Take photos from far enough back to see the entire room if possible. Stand in the doorway and take the shot. If it’s hard to fit the whole room in a photo take more than one picture to help clarify. It’s always good to take a ton of photos so that you have options to choose from. Your realtor can help you pick which ones will work best.

Use Flattering Lighting

Just like you want to be photographed in only the best lighting, your home looks best this way as well. Make sure your home is as well lit as possible and try to schedule your photo shoot during the time of day when the natural light coming in the windows is brightest. Dark photos can make your home look uninviting and small. For rooms with poor lighting, consider bringing in special lighting for the photo shoot so that potential buyers can accurately access your space.

Edit Your Photos but Keep it Real

Edit your photos after your shoot. This is the time for color correction and exposure optimization. What you don’t want to do is make your home look like something it’s not. Don’t photoshop your home photos. Honesty is always the best policy and when someone shows up because of your doctored photos and sees that they’ve been duped they won’t trust anything you have to say. Keep edits to only those that make the house look more like it looks in real life, not less.

Consider Hiring a Professional

Selling a house is a huge transaction. Thousands of dollars are at stake. If you aren’t confident in your ability to take great photos, consider hiring a professional photographer. While your iPhone may take amazing shots, there are skills a talented photographer possesses that will take your real estate picture to the next level. They have an assortment of lens sizes to suit the smallest to largest room. They know how to correct for lighting and white balance. In short, their pictures look professional. It's the difference between that selfie you take of yourself and the portrait a professional takes that makes you feel like a model.

Take the Shot

Use these tips to get the best photos of your space. Be sure to take wide shots that show your whole room, exterior, and yard spaces but also make sure to get detail shots of any areas that are unique or especially sought after. Having great photos will make your listing visually appealing and create an interest in your listing you may not have otherwise had.

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