St. Patrick's Day Decorating

St. Patrick's Day Decorating

When staging your home it’s a nice touch to decorate for any holidays that occur. Great holiday decor can really make your home stand out from the crowd. Here are some fun ideas to help you get your home ready for St. Patrick’s Day.

Think Green

St. Patrick’s Day decorations are traditionally green, like the shamrocks so closely associated with the holiday, so this is the obvious place to start. Aim for things you can easily switch out such as curtains, throw pillows,  or wall art. A funky green rug can pull the whole room together.  

Hit the Dollar Store

Dollar stores are a great place to find seasonal holiday decor. They will generally have everything from themed St. Patrick’s Day decor to green candles, mardi gras beads, and tablecloths. Hang green beads from light fixtures for a festive, quirky style. Use green candles for the mantle. Decorate tables and the rest of the house with all the cheesy St. Patrick’s Day decor you find. Many people don’t decorate for St. Patrick’s Day so you will make your home a memorable one when people are thinking back to the houses they toured while house hunting. 

Set the Table

When staging a home, it always looks elegant to have place settings at the table. Consider using green dishes and glassware when setting the table. Another option is white place settings with green cloth napkins. For the centerpiece, a clear vase filled with green and white flowers makes a classy choice. A green table runner can add a nice touch depending on your style. 

DIY Your Decor

Focus DIY efforts around the symbols of the season, such as rainbows, pots of gold, 4-leaf clovers, and all things green. Some simple projects include painting a few mason jars gold, green, and white and then grouping them together to hold flowers or desk items. You can make a St. Patrick’s Day wreath for your door by using a wreath base and green and white ribbon. Paint small flower pots black and fill with gold-wrapped chocolate coins. You can also turn the pots upside down and paint them green with a black stripe around them. Paint a small gold square over the black stripe to create a leprechaun hat. If you are handy with the crochet hook you can even crochet shamrock coasters. There are tons of ideas for do-it-yourself decor on Pinterest. 


Another festive decor idea is balloons. Imagine clusters of balloons attached to each side table or in the center of the dining room table. Each cluster should contain several different shades of green. The ribbon would look nice in a variety of colors including green, white, silver and gold. Balloons also are eye-catching attached to the mailbox in front of the house. 

Letterboard Messages 

If you have a felt letterboard or lighted message board, update your message on it for the holiday. Phrases such as “luck o’ the Irish”, “Kiss me. I”m Irish” and “You’re my pot of gold at the end of my rainbow” will all make awesome choices. These signs look good on kitchen counters, on sofa tables, and in your entryway. You can add a small candle, a couple of chocolate gold coins, and some shamrock confetti next to the sign for a St. Patrick’s Day tableau. 

Put Out the Welcome Mat

Add a St. Patrick’s Day mat outside your front door. You can buy one at your local big-box store or you can make your own with a little spray paint, poster letters, and some elbow grease. Paint your welcome mat green. Cut out a shamrock to use as a stencil and lay it on the mat. Lay out the letters for “welcome” or any other message you prefer on the bottom of the mat. Spray the mat with black spray paint over the top of the stencil and letters. Let it dry then remove the stencil and poster letters to reveal a custom St. Patrick’s Day doormat.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Use these tips to make your home shine for St. Patrick’s Day. Potential buyers will love your flair and as a bonus you’ll get to enjoy the decorations as well while you celebrate. 

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